SHADOW Film Festival

Bring your stories out of the dark

Shadow Film Festival is an international film festival held once a year. We aim to show a variety of short and feature-length films at our festival on the 20th-29th May 2022.

Our programme will be focused on drama films. 


Why was Shadow Film Festival set up? Asher Lines wanted to create a platform for great drama films to be shown to the public. While a lot of film festivals require expensive submission fees, Shadow Film Festival does not. It is hoped that filmmakers who get into the film festival get their film watched by industry professionals able to help them progress in their career.

The festival accepts entries from all countries and all topics. It is important for a film festival to show new viewpoints and different cultures to the audience because it helps them have a new understanding of how life should be lived. That is the essence of film. 

It is hoped that the audience of the film festival will be inspired by what has been expressed in the films. For this year, tickets will be very low-cost since the festival will be online. 

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Meet the team


Jeremy Toole is a freelance film director based in Scotland. He's been in the industry for 20 years and his speciality is commercials.


Sophie Winters is an editor in the commercial film industry. She is well know for her work in London.

Asher Lines is a film director specialising in drama and comedy filmmaking. He has also created a film course and leads an acting workshop.

Jeremy Toole

Festival Founder

A sher Lines

Festival Founder & Director

Sophie Winters